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RedBear is looking for a female product line ambassador

RedBear Apparel has been expanding its product line to include a full line of women's jersey, T's, and hoodies. To better show off our new line-up we are searching for the right person to act as a product ambassador. What we are looking for is someone who actively engages the local mountain bike community in Canada. Ideally this person will already have an active social media presence and positively engage their local riding groups either through coaching, racing, digging, trail-building, blogging, V-logging, group rides, industry professional, involvement in local trail association ect. We are not limiting the rider to any form of MTB'ing, you can be an E-Biker, singletrack slayer, enduro racing machine or weekend warrior. We only want you to be a positive part of the mountain bike community.

We are open to all applications until the end of the week Feb 15th, 2019.

The right person will get support from us by means of free product, photography help, social media posting, grips from ESI Grips and more.

Shoot us an email at RedBearApparel@nili.ca or DM us on instagram with your details if you are interested in applying

Bryce + Sophie


Fraser Valley, British Columbia

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