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A little about me

My name is Bryce Downey,

Oh hey its me on Mount Barbour

I am the Co-owner of RedBear Apparel with my wife. I have been riding mountain bikes since I was 5 years old. I distinctly remember my first time on a bike without training wheels as I turned off the drive way and road across the front lawn off the curb onto the street and into the telephone pone on the other side. Ever since then I have been hooked on mountain biking in the Fraser Valley, North Shore, and Sea 2 Sky area. My first real bike was a late 90’s army green Norco Sasquatch. I upgraded the fork brakes and wheels and jumped that thing all over Walnut Grove. Since then I have ridden everything from Rocky Mountain’s, Specialized, more Norco’s, Diamondbacks, Commencal, Kona, Banshee’s, Ellsworth, Gary Fissure and more. I have ridden all over BC and in the USA, racing and recreationally.

Riding Salvation on Seymour Est 2008

I went to University locally and did 90% of my Adventure Tourism Degree before realizing I liked being outside, snowboarding and riding more than learning about it. Looking back I should have finished but you know….. Hindsight is 20/20 or some shit. This led to a collection of working in a snowboard shop, bike shop, brewery and many other less exciting 9-5’s. After meeting my wife in the mid 2000’s I decided to go back to university and do a full bachelor’s degree in geography with again the purpose of finding a job that would keep me outside. I finished my degree 4 years later and worked in a trout hatchery in Mission BC for 3 years before we finally decided we should be working for ourselves.

We immediately decided that our company should have something to do with our passions, mountain bikes, running, camping, designing and creating, and enjoying some tasty hoppy beverages. We wanted to start something that was locally owned and represented who we are. We decided on a Mountain Biking apparel company that would be based on the Fraser Valley riding community. We named our company after our 2 favorite trail systems close to home to give our name a sense of place and set about getting our logo designed.

My Next Post will talk a little about what we wanted represented in our logo, what it means to us now, and how we go about making new graphics now.

2002 Banshee Scream with 24" rear wheel :)


Fraser Valley, British Columbia

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